A Traveler Point of View, the first album released under the name of Giuseppe Campisi, is now available!

Published by historic italian label Alfamusic, it features a 43 minute set of original music, played by an outstanding international ensemble which includes José Soares on alto, Lucas Martìnez on tenor, Teis Semey on guitar, Youngwoo Lee on piano and Lluís Naval on drums.

A Traveler PoV (cover).jpg

“Giuseppe Campisi exemplifies an ideal blend of a wonderful musician, exceptional composer and magnificent bass player.

This ensemble epitomizes to me what we would like to define as European jazz. With strong roots in jazz traditional music this band manages to convey their own personal influences, resulting in an exciting, musical and intellectual album - and a pleasure to listen to.”

— Yaniv Nachum, ensemble teacher and research coordinator, Conservatorium van Amsterdam


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